Forza Vice

Single Acting

Forza Vice

Double Acting

Forza Vice

Separate Vice

Forza Vice

5 Axis Self Centering

Manufactured in Vitoria – Northern Spain by Forza, a complete range of High Precision, accurate and very powerful machine Vices. Exclusive to the UK for the first time. Single Acting , Double-Acting and Self Centering Vices all High Precision and made to last.

Detailed Specification

Hardened Steel

Nodular casting material

Jaws with descending effect

Soft Jaws

Quick course selection

Finishing tolerance

Control certificate

Mechanical lock

Interchangeable locks Swivel base admitted

Paralelism < 0,02 mm DOESN´T admit swivel base

Oscillating movable jaws support With alineation keways

Guide movable jaws support Clamps

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