Air-blast cleaning

as standard

Runs on standard workshop air

The New vb Dock Lock Airline Pneumatic Zero-Point Clamping System has all of the amazing benefits of the vb Dock Lock System but with one difference, it runs off a standard Air-Line.

With Air-Blast cleaning as standard, a Pull-in force of 12,500N and a retention force of 40,000N its the strongest in its class.

Detailed Specification

The AirLine cylinder combines the advantages of the proven hydraulic DockLock cylinder with the easy handling of a pneumatic system. 6bar are already sufficient for reliable operation and enable a pull-in force of at least 12,500N and a holding force of at least 40,000N due to a positive, self-locking tension. Blow-out and support control are integrated as standard. The conical centering of the clamping bolt enables easy diagonal pull handling and a repeat accuracy of less than 5µ. The clamping bolt itself is designed to be extremely stable due to its compact design. With only 3 moving components, the AirLine cylinder is almost maintenance-free and, thanks to its robust design, suitable for almost all types of use.

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