Easy to Set

The Base locates on to the of a VMC / 5 Axis Machine

Load Fixture Plates

Then Load your fixtures to the baseplate, ensuring repeatability between operations and jobs

Work Stations

You can have the amount of workstations you choose


Set-up changes parallel to machining – owers machine down-times by 90% Work interruption possible at any time – flexibility for urgent orders Zero-point repeat accuracy < 5um – interruption without losing the zero-point Inexpensive plugs – simple mountings to fixtures Dynamical form-fit clamping – improved surfaces, increased tool life and high security

Zero Point workholding

Zero-point workholding system for setup and changeover within seconds!

Ideal for milling machines, machining centres, 5 axis machines and grinding machines.


Detailed Specification

VB Dock Lock

The VB Dock Lock system integrates with workholding devices such as other vices and provides fast, accurate and repeatable setup on machining centres.

Time consuming vice alignment and bolt down tasks are eliminated. The system consists of a patented hydraulic actuated locking cylinder device that positions and locks the vice onto the machine worktable.

It allows the user to locate or remove the workholding from a machine, or move it offline or to another machine and/or back again in just seconds with zero-point positioning accuracy every time.

The VB Dock Lock system is an ideal extension of other vices and workholding products. The VB Dock Lock is manufactured in Switzerland by Vischer & Bolli.

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