How it works

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8 Simple Steps

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How it works in 8 easy steps

The MicroLoc system is know for it’s simplicity. The MicroLoc® Workholding system can be configured to a CAD/CAM application for optimum layout of workpieces, whilst the Reference Base datum intersections contribute to ease of programming. Large bases may be fixed permanently to machine tables, encompassing a wide range of applications. Its simple to use and quick to change!

Step 1

Mount the baseplate to your machine table t-slots using a pair of adaptor tenons fitted to key recesses in the underside of the MicroLoc® baseplate.

Step 2

Insert locators carefully into the desired positions.

Step 3

Slide in sideclamps and tighten.

Step 4

Position clamping jaws by placing a loose rack into cross-slots in the baseplate and...

Step 5

Using a component as a template, engage the rack in the underside of the clamping jaw into the loose rack to locate the component within 3mm.

Step 6

Each side of a clamping unit has a sliding jaw with a stroke in excess of 3mm. Again, slide in sideclamps and tighten.

Step 7

Determine by inspection the number of end-stops and spacers to be fitted.

Step 8

Load the components and tighten using the central actuating screw.

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