100-Series Large Base

covering 2400x1200mm

100-Series Cubes

Multi Pallet Solution

100-Series Cube

4 off 4" Blocks per face

100-Series Tombestone

Hold Large parts

100-Series Versatile

Clamping various parts

100 Series Workholding

The MicroLoc® 100 Series features baseplates with T-slots at 100mm pitch, from 400x200x55mm up to 1500x650x55mm. Choose from T-slots in X, Y, or (at a small extra cost) in X and Y, but for certain production runs, we would recommend that you consider Tapped holes instead of T-slots in X,Y, or X and Y at no extra cost.

Detailed Specification

100 Series Specification

The 100 series MicroLoc can be manufactured to suit your requirements, normally engineers would specify a size of baseplate that would either suit their machine tools ‘Bed’ size  and the number and size of components they wish to secure and clamp.

In addition the 100 indicates the dimensions between slots on the baseplates. All baseplates can be machined in decimals of 100mm, the most popular baseplate sizes are:

500 x 300mm
600 x 400mm
800 x 500mm
1200 x 600mm

Clamps and vices are also 100mm in width, you can choose the number of clamps and vices you require at point of order.

The majority of MicroLoc solutions are designed around customer applications and their machine tools. The system is completely flexible and designed to give engineers the most adaptable solution for their machine tool.

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