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The MicroLoc® Power Workholding System for the first time makes it possible to have a clean universal system with all the Clamping Units easy to connect and disconnect to whatever clamping arrangement required.

Available in both 75 and 100-Series

Detailed Specification

with as much power as their manual counterparts the Hydraulic Vices are easy to control, with the supplied pump and air-regulator you can clamp up to 2 tonnes but as little as 0.1 to suit holding plastics and thin walled material.

The 75 and 100 series clamping units have the option of manual or power operation. The power clamp have the same physical dimensions as the manual versions and share the same accessories. For production work the powered clamp is quick to load and saves valuable time (and money). To power-up the hydraulic clamps we can supply a self contained MicroLoc powerpack which is air operated. The MicroLoc power-pack is virtually plug-in-and-go: you provide a standard 5bar (72.5psi) workshop air,  the power-pack provides a 350bar (5000psi) max hydraulic supply to the clamps. One powerpack can supply in excess of thirty 75-series hydraulic clamps.

Because all other elements apart from the clamping units are common to both manual and powered systems you can easily upgrade from manual to power at a future date. Because there is always solid metal behind and beneath every component supported on MicroLoc,a very stable and secure machining platform is achieved, which helps toreduce vibration, noise, and even prolongs tool life. Also, the novelgeometrical design of our clamping jaw allows it to swivel slightly when tightened onto a component (up to 1mm across the jaw width), so there is always two-point clamping across the face of any prismatic part.

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